Essential oils are the concentrated essences of a plant, flower, stem or root that contain hundreds of healing compounds. 

These lipid compounds are similar in structure to the human cell which allows them to work on a cellular level inside the human body. 

The volatile compounds that are found in these essences do the same to us as they do for the plant, they fortify immune systems as well as help to heal from damage caused by disease and infection.  They also have profound effects on reducing inflammation in body tissues, they gently cleanse the digestive and excretory systems, they are beautifying and strengthening for skin and hair as known by the Egyptians thousands of years ago and they directly effect the limbic system in the brain, stimulating the endocrine system and human emotions.

I am passionate about the education of essential oils and choose to use doTERRA essential oils for a few reasons.  Every batch is third party tested to assure every single drop in each bottle is 100% pure therapy grade, the native plant co-sourcing and effective crop rotation assures sustainability and creates income and stability for farmers in many developing countries, the healing hands foundation, a not for profit which funds so many beautiful projects such as putting a stop to child trafficking as well as the oils being just so darn good!

I run workshops to educate on what they are, how to use them and why.  I make all my own products and show how easy it is to reduce toxic load in your life by replacing household products with all natural solutions, safely, easily and cost effectively, in fact there some videos tutorials on my Facebook page to show you a few easy recipes, join the To Find Balance group to download the recipe files.


Get in touch to find out when the next available free workshop is held, and if you're not in the area or would prefer to learn about these amazing oils from the comfort of your home, you can check out the discussion posts in one of my online workshops.


If you have checked out the workshop, done your own research or joined me for a class and your keen to get your natural first aid kit started in your home, here are the instructions to get these botanical medicines to you direct from doTERRA.

1. Head to my doTERRA website, there are 3 videos which are quite cheesy but contain some useful information.

2. The right hand side has a box with my face in it and instructions on how to purchase your oils.  The kits are the wisest choice as they are the best value and include membership, why is there a membership fee?  It is similar to CostCo, there is a membership fee to get you access to the wholesale prices, renewal of the fee is annual but it costs $25 and you receive a Peppermint oil worth $26!  Deal!

3. You may want to just get started with the oils and see how you go, or if you are already seeing and feeling the benefits of these oils then you may want to take advantage of the LRP, Loyalty Rewards Program.  doTERRA reward people for being loyal customers and making orders every month, you can expand your collection, add other products from the range such as spa, hair, skin and supplements which are all incredible quality, each product has a dollar value and a point value, the valued customer earns back percentage of points of each purchase which then accumulates and can be used to purchase FREE products!  Not only is this super generous, it is part of the reason doTERRA has an amazing 77% retention rate of returning customers!  On top of that there is Product Of The Month, just place an order over 125PV (Product Value) before the 15th and doTERRA auto ship your FREE oil direct to you!  There is also Buy One Get One Free where you can grow your collection even more with these great deals! 

We are all made of star dust!

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