Avoid adrenal fatigue

There has been a wave of clients lately who are recovering from adrenal fatigue, so what is it and how do we become susceptible to it?

First of all I'd like to point out that as far as being a medical diagnosis "adrenal fatigue" can be quite vague but that doesn't mean you don't have it, in fact it may be that you need to find the right support. Trust your instincts, be aware of the causes and assess whether you've been under them, one of the biggest causes is being in a constant state of stress. Have a read of my blog about STRESS to get a better understanding of it if you need to.

In short adrenal fatigue is being burnt out from from the over production of hormones in response to stress. Common causes of fatigue can be due to lifestyle factors such as:

- being over worked

- juggling family life

- lack of sleep

- too little or too much physical activity

- relationship breakdowns

- grief

- unbalanced diet

- alcohol or drug abuse

- mental health issues

Other causes can come from physical illnesses such as:

- thyroid issues

- diabetes

- fibromyalgia

- chronic fatigue syndrome

- cancer

- anaemia

- kidney or liver disease

- infections

- heart disease

- multiple sclerosis

- addison's disease

There can be a range of symptoms associated to adrenal fatigue, some can be written off as symptoms of daily life but if you are suffering from more than one please assess your lifestyle, you could possible avoid the long term effects by making conscious change to improve your wellbeing.

These symptoms include:

- constant fatigue, tiredness, irritability, sluggishness

- body aches and pains

- nervousness, anxiety

- low blood pressure

- sleep disturbances

- digestive issues

The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys. Their role is to produce hormones including adrenaline and noradrenaline, both of which are used to prepare the body for fight or flight. When the body is under chronic stress and the adrenal glands are constantly producing these hormones, the harmful bi-product hormone called coritsol can be left to build up in the body's system. This build up indirectly flows into disturbing the harmony in our body, causing one or all of the above symptoms. A Doctor or Naturopath can test your hormone levels and possibly diagnose adrenal fatigue, they may treat your symptoms with supplements, diet and hormonal therapy. Other lifestyle changes to make a come back and achieve better balance includes:

- getting enough sleep every day (6-8 hours on average), to achieve this you can try taking herbal sleep pills, drink sleep teas, introduce a sleep routine including no electronic devise use for 2 hours before bed time, use of music and diffusing essential oils such as Lavender, Vetiver, Chamomile

- reducing stress through activities you find relaxing, try yoga, mindful practices, walking in nature, art classes etc

- breathing techniques

- cutting down on alcohol and drug use

- finding the balance between physical activity and restful activity

- avoiding stress at work

- meditation

- sound healing

- finding support groups and talking about the issues you are facing

- stimulating the adrenal reflexology points in the feet

There are also essential oils that can help with the recovery of adrenal fatigue, but also can be used under times of stress to avoid adrenal fatigue. These include:

Basil, can be used to assist with mental and physical fatigue.

Rosemary, can be used to stimulate the immune system and assist with mental and physical fatigue.

Clove, can be used to gently cleanse liver, hormonal balance and hypothyroidism.

Lavender, can be used to calm the nervous system and recover from hormone release during stress.

Vetiver, can be used to assist in deep sleep which encourages recovery.

Geranium, can be used to enhance feelings of love and trust and calm.

Zendocrine, can be used for cleansing support.

The other beneficial supplements doTERRA offer are the incredible lifelong vitality pack.

They are an intricate and complex mix of essential micro nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and essential oils.

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Home remedies fo adrenal fatigue

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