Colonic Hydrotherapy, the who, what, why, when and how!

Thinking back to before my colonic hydrotherapy sessions, I almost kick myself for not realising something was up sooner. I was tired and grumpy, I felt hungry all day but the thought of eating would really put me off, I was craving weird foods that I usually wouldn't eat in the sugary, fatty, salty categories, I was getting kept up at night by a growly, bubbly belly and often being woken during the night finding it hard to get back to sleep, I felt sluggish and all round not my best! Putting the pieces together now I think I must have been crazy not to think something was up, or that I could do something about it, but I am a Mother to 2 wildling twins, a wife and home maker, a business owner and at the time was putting a new business together as well as juggling bookkeeping work to make ends meet, so I guess I thought what my belly was doing was normal, due to stress, and that I had to ride it out.

How wrong I was!

I first spoke my concerns to Shae as a friend, letting her know what was going on, it didn't take long for the look on her face to change, she was concerned and it was a familiar story for her, seeing she has gone through many tummy troubles herself. She convinced me to try colonic hydrotherapy, something I had heard about but never considered for myself. I hadn't experienced much tummy trouble in my life before so never looked to far into it, I also have a squirmish feeling with the thought of the tube and what not but seeing the state I was in, I decided to put that aside and trust in Shae's skills and passion for gut health and give it a go!

I made the appointment with Shae. First of all she took me through a thorough gut health questionnaire which was a fantastic tool for both her and I to get to know my digestive system better. It was impressive how much information she had extracted from this questionnaire, by the end she already had a pretty good idea of what was going in my tummy, what we might find, and ways to help the situation improve.

Shae made me feel very at ease and relaxed. I was on the table lying on my side with a towel over me and by the end of a deep breath in and out it was already time to roll onto my back, her expert hands had done the work and I hardly noticed. The inserted tube is smaller than the visible tube, you can choose to look away but to be honest I was fascinated by what was coming out of me and couldn't help but share my exclamations when the release started to happen. Based on the colour, texture, viscosity, shape, size and amount, Shae can give me inside information (mind the pun) on various aspects of my health and wellbeing. She can see colour change to indicate stress, sometimes old, sometimes new, or emotional releases, liver toxification and so much more. What really surprised Shae was the amount of the bacteria Candida being flushed out of my large intestines and colon, a bacteria that she had expected to see but not in the numbers that were being released. No wonder I felt like crap! (mind the pun)

Around 20minutes into the first session I felt a need to go to the toilet and asked her to remove the tube, but she asked me to relax and take a deep breath and as I did a release came from deep inside my large intestine, cleaning the inner walls and leaving room to hydrate and cleanse.

I felt great! On Shae's sound advice I started a course of probiotics and commenced the Candida diet, basically an elimination of all foods containing sugar, including fruit and vegetables, gluten, alcohol etc, plus increasing flax and psylium husk intake which aids in better formed poo to clean the intestinal wall upon excretion. Shae also advises taking capsule with 2 drops of Oregano essential oil for 5 days to kill the wayward bacteria living in the belly.

It took a few days for me to to go the toilet afterwards, but when I did it was spectacular! My tummy instantly felt better after the colonic and the change in foods to decrease the bacteria flurry, no more sleepless nights due to a bubbling belly!

I continued my course of 3 colonics and noticed a drop in weight, I had lost 2 kilos in a matter of weeks! These were stubborn kilos I'd been trying to shift for a long time, with thanks to the colonics, infra red sauna, a fortnight worth of cleansing foods plus regular exercise I was looking and feeling better than ever!

I think it is so important to stop for a minute to check in with yourself, ask your body if it's ok, just a tiny bit of self care and self love can make such a difference to our quality of life and how we treat our loved ones.

Shae is someone who genuinely cares about our gut health. She is the ONLY practitioner using a closed system, of the highest German manufacturing standards. A closed system means she is with you every step of the way, massaging the tummy to aid release, explaining the process and giving vital information about what is being flushed out of you, even offering a relaxing head massage or reflexology on the hands and feet colon points to aid further release. Shae is a professional but comes across as someone you've known forever, making you feel so comforted and relaxed. The mix of top german technology, Shae's expertise and the relaxing, comforting environment she has created makes this a wonderful experience.

So take a minute, if you're feeling sluggish, you have a sore tummy or feel an imbalance there IS something you can do about it and it is actually an enjoyable experience.

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Shae Phillips Colon Hydrotherapist

S h a e P h i l l i p s

• Colon Hydrotherapist • Personal Trainer • Women’s health & wellness • Open Monday-Saturday at Nimbus & Co • Call or text for bookings 0424 835 585


Improved bowel function

Increase in energy and vitality

Relief from wind, bloating and IBS

Natural detoxification

Relief from headaches

Feeling positive and relaxed

Healthier and improved complexion

Better posture

Improved concentration

Weight loss

Relief from lower back pain

Loosening of mucus

Improved range of movement and mental strength

General well being

Helps women during their cycle

Improved sleep

Promotes healthy eating

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