First of many, Womens' Circle

I had the pleasure of hosting my first of many womens' circles at Nimbus and Co a couple weeks ago in Byron bay. It was for the purpose of learning more about the feminine cycle and the differences between the 4 stages or our womanly flow, plus useful tools to get in synchronicity with the moon phases.

As a woman myself who has spent most of my life on some form of contraception, aside from getting pregnant to twins naturally which I count myself very lucky for, my body has been forced into an unnatural cycle, one lacking ovulation all together. Albeit with this lack of natural flow I still felt some form of cyclic regularity, as if my body was always trying to get back to it's organic form of ebb and flow. So now I find myself at 38, my partner and I have decided that our twins are going to be our first and last and he has graciously taken one for the team and gotten a vasectomy, then I realise I know NOTHING about my cycle, NOTHING!!?? I thought about it and I never really got taught at school, my Mum gave me the basics but I don't think she really knew that much either.

I feel like there's an entire source of power us women can behold and utilise. We can use the forces of mother nature like a support team, by learning more of our hormones and emotions at any given time during our cycle gives us better understanding of ourselves, we learn when to strike and when to retreat, when to create and when to rest, we flow with our flow for a more productive and loving way of living.

It was this realisation that called me to organise this womens circle, for us to share stories and come together for the purpose of deeper learning and evolving.

I asked friend and mentor Sarah from Simply Living join us and share her knowledge, experience and expertise on the subject and what we learned was beautiful and powerful.

The night began with a few guided breathing techniques to slow down the body, soothe the vagal nerve and wash away the stresses of the day, followed by a guided meditation where I guide a golden orb through our bodies, activating all our cells and gaining body awareness, then ground ourselves with Mother Earth and allow that golden light and love to stretch out over every living cell.

We were all feeling connected and aware, relaxed and alert now and I hand the baton over to Sarah.

I prepared a few handouts from Pinterest for the night, this is the one we started with first.

It explains the 4 stages of our cycle:

Winter - the bleeding stage or menstruation stage, this is when we should take extra time for ourselves to tune in, reflect, go inward and deepen our connection to our intuition. We should go easy on ourselves, rest and recuperate, early nights without too many social commitments. This is a great time to set intentions, book in for pamper sessions, make time for self love and self care and let your creativity light up. In some cases we are more emotional at this time so take it easy on yourself. Essential oils that help at this stage are Clary Calm, the female blend that contains Clary Sage and Vitex Oil among many others which have profound effects on balancing emotions and hormones associated with our reproductive cycles. It is also good idea to eat more leafy greens, omega rich foods like oily fish and nuts, eggs and to satisfy the sweet tooth try dark chocolate or a homemade Chia pudding with maple syrup.

Spring - the post-menstruation/pre-ovulation stage, this is when we are more dynamic, we are feeling self motivated and ready to take action. This is a good time to set structure, create calendars, seek more detail, plan and network. You'll feel more confident, independent, playful and driven but also a little less empathetic or flexible. It is a time for growth and focus. Essential oils to assist here are your happy oils, all the citrus you like will carry that happy uplifted mood even further! Try eating foods to nourish the blood like red beans, kidney beans, leafy greens and carrots.

Summer - the post ovulation stage, note that ovulation can occur between day 12 and 16 which is a little of both Spring and Summer stages. This is an expressive time, we are more social and thankful, positive and joyful. Make time for self love during this stage, book a massage with me for example (lol) or try team building at work, nesting at home, moving furniture around or writing that poem you want to write. You can let go of anything that doesn't serve you around this time. Essential oils to assist during Summer are florals like Geranium and Rose, the loving and creative oils for connection and inner acceptance. Try eating flax and chickpeas, avoid sugary foods.

Autumn - the pre-menstruation stage, this is when we can expect some fluctuations in hormones and for some, mood swings. Go inward, it is a good time to declutter, problem solve, meditate, journalling, channel your inner magic. You are most sensitive and intuitive at this time, it is a good time to release blocks, think about what needs to change and make adjustments. Your sleep might be affected at this time. Drink lots of water and eat easy to digest foods, Clary calm can really help at this stage of our cycles as well.

Menstruation stages

After Sarah's sharing gave us a deeper understanding of the stages our bodies go through she then delved into synching with the moon but that topic deserves it's own blog which I will get around to soon I promise!

We ended the night on the most delicious of notes, a big selection of raw vegetables with some raw dips for our hungry bellies and each woman got to intuitively choose a few essential oils and create a mantra to welcome more self love into their lives, as we all deserve!

If you are interested to learn more follow Sarah on facebook and there are some amazing websites out there with loads of info all of us women should know xxx

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Womens' circle

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