Massage for mind, body and spirit

Take a deep breath in right down into your belly activating every cell in your body, turning them on and tuning them in, now exhale all that doesn't serve you.

Take another deep breath in all the way into your belly, oxygenate your blood sending it throughout your body letting it know we are here to heal, now exhale all that doesn't serve you.

Take another deep breath in again right down into your belly, connect the mind the body and the spirit as one and me to you, now exhale all that doesn't serve you.

I suggest all readers do this right now! TRUST ME it is AWESOME!

This is my mantra at the beginning of my therapeutic massage.

The breathing soothes the vagal nerve, it calms the heart rate and gets you "into" your body for a mindful experience. The words add to the effect, by saying these words as you exhale gives your mind a chance to let go of the troubles of the day/week/month/year and truly experience the benefits of clarity, even if just for moments. The final effects are my healing hands resting over your lower and upper spine, channelling healing into your energy field, sometimes at this point I will get feelings, "the upper legs", "the right ankle", "needs more balance", these are messages from your body telling me what it needs during the session so I listen and begin the treatment.

Each treatment is quite different, using techniques I've learned combined with intuitive movements that my clients body is telling me it needs in order to release tension and free up joints and muscles for optimal movement and feeling. A remedial/relaxation massage treatment that is completely dedicated to your personal health and wellness needs, the flow is solely dictated by what your body requires to function better. Spending this time on yourself is so important, if you are feeling optimal you have more energy to give to loved ones, your job, your spouse, life in general feels easier if you're feeling good. This time spent with me is time you've devoted to personal self love and self care, helping you approach life with a less stressed vibe.

I feel very blessed to have this gift of helping my clients feel better in life, it is something that makes me shine from the inside and I'm very grateful for it.

Some physical benefits of massage therapy include; reduction of stress and anxiety, relaxing muscles, reduction of pain, rehabilitation of injury to tendons, ligaments, connective tissues and muscles, and promotion of overall health and wellness by moving lymphatic fluids and crystalised metabolic bi-products such as lactic acids.

Other benefits include improving sleep patterns by way of relaxing the body and mind. Also, spending the time being aware of your body helps to improve relationship with your body, this awareness improves overall health and wellness and can lead to better nutrition, physical activity participation and mental stability.

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years, references appear in literature from ancient China, Japan, India, Arabic nations, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

It is the manipulation of the soft body tissues using a combination of effleurage, kneading, friction, percussion and vibration with palms of hands, fingers, thumbs and sometimes elbows. Strokes can be long and slow or deep and quick, it depends on the clients needs.

Types of massage I have studied include;

Relaxation, this technique gives each muscle equal attention and using a medium to light touch gives an overall relaxed and calm feeling.

Remedial/Deep Tissue, a deeper more intense massage that includes manipulation of the lower muscle layers for tension relief and injury rehabilitation.

Shiatsu, an ancient form of Japanese bodywork, based on Chinese medicine, using acupressure, stretching, breathing techniques and motion to unblock energy meridians and restore flow. This treatment is typically performed without oil and on the floor.

Reiki, a form of hands on healing that can promote feelings of connectedness, the client is taken on a journey of body awareness and tuning in to create a stronger bond between spiritual and physical being.

Pre and Post natal, a special massage technique designed specifically for a pregnant women during all stages and including the after care of a body that just grew and birthed a baby!

But my personal favourite is when my client trusts me to tune in to what they need, and I can use a combination of maneuvers to give the best results.

Here is a list of the treatments I provide, you can book in to see me at my treatment room at the Nimbus & Co 4/17 Tasman Way Byron Bay NSW 2481 or call/text me on 0411 793 414 to schedule in a booking.

To Find balance Treatment menu

To Find Balance Treatment menu

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