Time to be Selfish

Picture this....you are a thriving human, you put your own feelings and wellbeing before EVERYONE else, you allow, no you ensure your love goes inward before it goes outward and you fulfil your destiny by walking the path you've laid out for YOURSELF!

Wait a minute with these thoughts floating around your mind, let them settle into your heart space, feel out the emotions that come flooding into your body when you realise you are living a life of rolling with resistance, easily putting one foot in front of the other and picking the ripe fruits of life you've grown. Feels good doesn't it!

For some time now this kind of living would be considered selfish, but if it were that EVERY human could project this kind of love inward before projecting it outward, wouldn't the world be a loving and more SELFLESS place to reside?

When you get on an aeroplane and the host goes through the safety manual, you are told specifically to put your own mask on before assisting the young or elderly. Why do you think this might be, maybe if your dead you're no good to any body? Well that's certainly true in this case! But the same can be said for life in general, place that air mask on yourself first, take a deep breath of oxygen, fill your lungs then start helping others around you.

This has been a struggle of mine for a long time and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I see an increase of adrenal fatigue among friends and colleagues for instance, when people give so much they run their tanks dry, then keep giving until the pistons explode, leaving a broken engine needing major physical repairs but I think it's just as important to do the spiritual repairs at this time too. Sure your body has given in but rest, fresh food and support will heal that, your mind and heart need to get into their own recovery program, and it needs to be selfish.

Maybe a good place to start is by saying NO for a change? Feeling that social, peer or work pressure can force you into doing things you really don't want to, but it's also the pressure we put on ourselves that takes a toll. We feel we have to show up or so and so will think badly of us, or we might miss out on an important networking opportunity, or our kids may think we neglect them. But what if staying home and having a bath is actually the best thing you can do for yourself, from your absence your friends see you could do with a pick me up and send you some baked goodies and a poem, your boss realises how much you're missed when you're not there and appreciates you more and your kids feel a sense of independence and confidence and run into your arms when you pick them up! Is it really that selfish if you look at it that way?

I can imagine a world where people only worry about themselves, I feel that world is parallel to ours right now as it seems we only worry about others but does it get us anywhere?

Maybe if more of us worked on our relationship with ourself, improving our sense of self worth, embracing the changes in emotions we go through, create self love rituals, honour our heart space and increasing our vibration, the knock on effect will be profound, the start of the selfish movement!

I think it true that the more we can love our self the more we can love others, this is more sustainable right? I mean if you just keep giving from an empty cup, the cup runs out, there's no more to give plus the receiver has been used to you pouring it into them, so now they're left feeling empty and thirstier than before because as it goes, they've been used to being filled by others and lost the ability to fill themselves, thus a ferocious circle of energy wars ensues and the more we are on the look out for vibrational matches the more we find them, whether that be a good or bad thing!

Which brings me to that whole law of attraction bizo; if we are loving ourselves, feeling comfortable and fulfilled in life, we attract others on the same buzz, but if we're constantly feeling like we give without getting we meet others that feel the same way and guess what, this becomes a feeding frenzy of negative vibes! The best way to avoid this is not to rely on the energy of others, just focus on YOU!

So, as I like to keep my blogs short and sweet I will leave you here on this note.....DO YOU WANT TO START THE SELFISH MOVEMENT WITH ME?

1. Do more of the things you love that fills your cup

2. Say NO sometimes, it's going to be ok!

3. Whats the BEST that can happen? Rewire to the positive

4. Get to know yourself, it may be uncomfortable to start with but self improvements can ALWAYS be made, seek them out and give it a try

5. Write that bucket list

6. You spend most of the time in your own head so make it a nice place to be

7. Create self love rituals


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