What is Infrared sauna anyway?

I've not been the biggest traditional sauna fan, the moist, hot air makes me a bit dizzy and I find it hard to breathe. Without naming one in particular, and if you know of it, you either love it or hate it, but I had an experience where after crawling through the insanely small door I felt overwhelming feeling of being trapped and claustrophobic, my girlfriend who was just as insane as the sauna itself talked me into staying because the effects of the sweat cleanse would be so WORTH it, but another 5 people crawled through and that was IT, my panic button was hit and I made a mad rush for the tiniest exit tunnel where a dim flash of the outside sunshine was flaring, and in my hectic haze I hit my head...needless to say will NEVER ever go back in that wooden womb again!

So as you can imagine as far as sauna go I am more than hesitant, would rather sit on the side of caution and avoid them in case of a flash back panic attack!

BUT, recently I have proudly taken up residence as a Health Coach and massage therapist at Nimbus and Co in Byron Bay and Alex the beautiful Manager gave me a spiel about the differences between my hot wet disaster memory and the infrared experience, here is a list of Infrared benefits:

Infrared is heat emitted via electromagnetic field that is absorbed into the skin at a deep cellular level.

There are hundreds of studies done on infra red therapy showing varying results and none with a negative result, some of the positive findings relate to;

Reduction in pain, fatigue and stiffness in sufferers of Rheumatoid arthritis and other disease relating to inflammation.

Toxin release through the sweat itself which cleanses the body of impurities, up to 20% in infrared compared to 3% in traditional.

Weight loss from fluid reduction, and note it is important to drink water during and after your sauna.

Heat therapy into muscles and joints leaving body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Regular sweating allows your body to detoxify nasty chemicals, pollutants and dirt lodged within the dermal layers, infrared heat increases blood flow and brings essential nutrients to the surface of the skin, clearing these impurities and leaving your skin fresh and healthy.

Maintain healthy immune system by giving it the heat boost to kill off any warring bacteria and viral threats.

And my personal favourite, it makes the perfect time to reflect, enjoy some alone time, maybe listen to music or meditate, write a list, make a wish, set intentions, whatever it is, in this day and age it is so difficult to find time to be alone and why not do it while you sweat out some of the build up of life itself!? Taking that time out for ourselves to slow down and take some deep breaths, we increase our chances to deal with stress better, we sleep better, we are more balanced.

On top of the infrared, Nimbus and Co saunas also integrate Chromotherapy, or light therapy! These squares on the ceilings of the sauna are made up of a hundred light bulbs (that number may be a figment of my imagination as I lost count after 25) have also been known to support you through symptoms of seasonal depression. The therapeutic applications of light and colour are being implicated in major hospitals and research centres worldwide!

So I am a sauna convert, but also a sauna snob it seems! I now not only enjoy weekly infrared sauna but I crave them, I do know how good they are for me, I can feel the effects on my sore and tired muscles but it is also the space I get to clear my head, reboot my system and recharge my batteries, giving back to me! I highly recommend trying the infrared sauna at Nimbus and Co there are 3 locations, Sydney, Melbourne and Byron Bay.

They are all tastefully fitted out, you can browse the array of fine quality products focused on health and wellbeing, take a lovely shower with sweet smelling organic body wash and be taken away from the rush of every day life for a bit.

Top tips for first timers:

Take your own towel, I take 2, one for the sauna and one for the shower

Drink plenty of fluids before and after, they supply cold filtered water during

Clothing inside the sauna is optional as it is a private room but take your togs in case you feel prudish

Don't lather up with any oils, creams or products beforehand and wash your face before you enter so the sauna is cleansing more of the impurities you can't reach

Don't go too hot to start with, ease your way into it

Open the door and step out if you need to cool down but don't give up the first time

Relax and enjoy a yummy raw choccy from Daily Bar at the end of your session!

I have teamed up with Nimbus Byron Bay to offer a 45min Remedial massage with a 45min Infrared sauna package for only $90! Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed.

To book this amazing deal hit the picture below.

Game on! Massage and Sauna yes please!

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